About me

Noemi Di Gregorio, Revivo Pilates, Barre, Reformer, postnatal Pilates, private classes, group classes

My certifications

  • Balanced Body Pilates Mat and Reformer

  • Pre- and Postnatal Fitness by Annette Lang

  • Professional Study Program at Limón Institute in NYC

  • Zürcher Dance-Theatre School

  • Reiki Level 1 and 2

  • teacher training school Wattwil

Noemi Di Gregorio
Pilates instructor, dancer

As a teenie I got hooked on Figure Skating and started doing it very seriously.

I was training every day.

Those years taught me a lot about strength of mind.


At age 25 (which is very late), I auditioned for Zurich Dance Theatre School and got admitted.

This changed my life significantly.

Dancing showed me a very different way of working with my body.

I had always been very strong and flexible, but in dance you need a different kind of awareness for your whole self.

I feel like dancing unlocked my true potential and I started to feel like I have super powers.

You know, not in a vain way. It’s just that if you dance every day for hours and hours (you twist and turn and expand and jump and lengthen all day long) something happens not only in your body, but also in your mind and in your soul. It frees you, gives you self confidence and makes you present.


With the gained experience and a considerable amount of courage I moved to New York City to continue my studies at the Limón Institute.

Soon I started to work with a contemporary dance company and with different other choreographers. I had the pleasure to perform in many places around the world as a dancer and figure skater. noemidigregorio.com


Years later, still in NYC, I had to deal with significant back problems. During that time I felt like someone took away my super powers. And immediately I felt less strong mentally.


Through Pilates I discovered how to move in a true neutral pelvis to take pressure off my back. That’s what’s probably saved my back and my career.


I also discovered that Pilates has some cool choreography elements

-some copied from Ballet- that are fun.


I started to study Pilates for real and eventually did my certificate in Mat and Reformer.

Additionally I got really interested in the Franklin Method (movement and postural retraining) which helped me move more efficiently.

Then I opened my own little Pilates spot in NYC where I taught people from all walks of live. To help them uncover their own super powers I applied everything I had learned in my own moving-career.


After living in NYC for 8 years, I moved to Zurich in fall 2017. Now I am teaching my method to the lovely people in Zurich.

I truly believe that if you feel physically strong, you feel mentally strong and that's when you are starting to feel your super powers.