Balanced body,

balanced mind.


Private Classes




During a private class we'll focus entirely on your individual goals.

Improve your strength, mobility, flexibility, balance and more. Tight muscles and pain can be addressed as well.

We'll use the Pilates Reformer, small Pilates props and methods for releasing tightness.

The result is a strong, agile body, an optimal posture and a balanced mind.



For your individual regeneration after pregnancy.

Diastasis recti will be minimized and your pelvic floor will be restored.

You'll feel strong and back in shape.


Group Classes




Barre is a fun fitness method that combines Pilates with the barre exercises from Ballet.

It's a full-body workout that will improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and posture.

You absolutely don't need any dance background in order to participate.



This is a workout for your body and your mind.

Optimize your strength, flexibility, awareness and alignment.
The exercises are done on a mat.

You'll be using your own body weigth and small props like bands and balls.



Originally I graduated  from teacher training school and taught two years at an elementary school.

Then I completed Zurich Dance-Theatre School and became a dancer. 

Soon after I flew to New York City to study dance for a month. - That one month became 8 years in which I performed in different shows in  New York and in many other places in the whole world.

In NYC I was introduced to Pilates. It helped me a great deal with back problems that inhibited me from dancing.

I decided to do a Pilates teacher training and opened a little Pilates spot in Soho.

In my classes I combined everything that was helpful to me during my movement career: the Pilates Reformer, techniques for releasing tight muscles, simple principles from dance and a lot more.

In September 2017 I moved back to Switzerland. Now I teach my Revivo Method in Zurich and Rapperswil.

I enjoy sharing my passion for movement with other people.

And I'd be very happy to share it with you too.


"Noemi is an extremely thorough and enthusiastic teacher. Her classes are very effective, both for your body and mind and you always feel so good and refreshed afterwards - very intense but never tiring."

- Elisabeth R., Manhattan


Feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you shortly.

078 405 76 94

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Revivo Pilates'

main location is:

Hottingerstrasse 10,

8032 Zürich.

The group courses on Wednesday evenings take place on Mythenstrasse 35 in 8640 Rapperswil.

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