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Focus on your individual goals.

Each Revivo private class is specifically tailored to your individual needs. Wether you need strengthening and toning, improved flexibility, a better posture, or muscle release, whatever your goal is, I will help you achieve it while enjoying the process.

We will use the Pilates equipment, exercises with your own body weight and methods for relaxing and stretching your muscles.

You will enhance your core strength, which oftentimes helps reduce back aches.


During a Revivo private class you will:

  • strengthen and tone your whole body

  • build a strong core

  • improve flexibility, mobility and balance

  • optimize your posture

  • release tight areas in your body

  • enhance your body awareness and well-being

​You will leave the studio feeling refreshed, energized and strong.

​Sessions can be held at the studio or, at a surcharge , at your home.


Available languages: English, (Swiss) German and Italian.

Duration: 55 minutes

Price: 130 Fr.

Private classes


Regenerate your body and feel empowered.

Giving birth to a baby doesn't only change your life, it also changes your body and your body awareness.

A woman's body endures a lot during pregnancy and giving birth. The body needs time to rest and recover after this taxing work. It is very important that women take good care of their bodies in the postnatal phase.


After a time of recovery it is crucial to make sure that the body gets fully regenerated through gentle exercises.


I offer a specific and targeted postnatal exercise program that helps with alignment and rebuilds your muscles after pregnancy in a gentle yet effective way.




  • Restore pelvic floor and rectus abdominis

  • Learn correct recruitment of transverse abdominis

  • Prevent accidential leaks of urine

  • Release back, neck, shoulder tension and pain

  • Improve your well-being

  • Get back in shape


Private classes can be held at the studio or conveniently at your place.

When is it safe to start the postnatal exercise? 

This is different for every woman and depends on multiple factors.

In any case you should be cleared by a medical doctor for postnatal exercise before you start.


Please note that the information above is not a substitute for medical advice.

Classes can be held in (Swiss-) German, Italian or English.

Duration: 55 Minuten

Price: 130 Fr.



Fitnesspower from New York City

Revivo Barre is a fun fitness method that combines Pilates with the barre exercises from Ballet.

It is done to uplifting music.

This is a full-body workout that will improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and posture.

Additionally this class includes a cardio sequence. So you'll  definitely break a sweat.

The Ballet elements are super simple and you don't need any dance background in order to participate.

Depending on attendance classes can be held in (Swiss-) German, Italian or English.


The course consists of 8 classes on Wednesdays at 7.30pm.

Where: Mythenstrasse, 8640 Rapperswil

Duration: 55 minutes



This class is temporarily suspended.


Drop-In: 25 Fr.

3-Class-Pack: 90 Fr.

8-Class-Pack: 175 Fr.

(Missed classes can be made up for within the cycle of a course, but won't be refunded.)

Bring: Towel

Barre can be done barefoot or in socks.

barre group classes


Optimal strength from your core

This is a workout for your body and your mind.

In these classes you will be on a mat using small props to work on core stability, full-body strength, mobility and flexibility.

Exercises are designed to create length and space in your body and center your mind.

Special attention is paid on breathing and alignment.

We finish each class with a relaxation meditation.

Clients often report that the class helps them to release back tension and pain.


Where: This class is momentarily held online on Zoom. For more info and Zoom link please contact me via the contact button below.

Duration: 55 minutes


Drop-In: 22 Fr.

You need: Mat, optionally pillow and blanket.

Pilates can be done barefoot or in socks.

pilates group classes
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