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"Noemi is truly a professional who is equally at ease in teaching novice and/or more experienced students. Her instructions are succinct and her demonstrations are vivid. I appreciated her encouragement, patience and a sense of humor in strengthening my physical condition."

- Richard Y., Midtown

"Noemi is kind and caring, and very attentive to your needs. She is thoughtful about your body and what is currently going on in your life, and tailors each lesson specifically to that. I highly recommend her!"

- R.M., Soho

"Noemi is amazing!  Working with her has allowed me to maintain a very active lifestyle and not experiencing the pain and stiffness that I did "pre-Noemi"!  She is a true professional who cares about her clients and her work.  And she is a wonderful person, with a great temperament...always a pleasure.  Try her - you will be happy you did!"  - Peter U., Midtown

"Noemi is an extremely thorough and enthusiastic teacher. Her classes are very effective, both for your body and mind and you always feel so good and refreshed afterwards - very intense but never tiring. I am a great fan of Noemi and her Revivo Method." - Elisabeth R., Manhattan

"Amazing instructor. Dedicated, sweet ,and understanding." 

- Gianpiero P., UES

"Noemi is the BEST!!!! i SO look forward to seeing her smiling face every weekend!  I am going to miss her dearly when she moved back to Switzerland---very sad to see her go!  She has made me fall in love with pilates.  I'm afraid to take a pilates class with someone else though." 

- RJ A., Chelsea

"Noemi is an excellent teacher. She knows exactly what your body needs. Through her experience in movement she is able to include her personal knowledge into your practice. I can only recommend to chose her as your teacher as she isn't only professional but witty at the same time." - Raditia L., Harlem 



"Noemi is such a professional and enthusiastic teacher. She helps me building up muscles with very controlled movements and increasing my physical endurance, which all leads to great flexibility.
After a long and challenging day, this is exactly what makes me feel unbeatable again."- Michael M., Manhattan



'I am a HUGE fan of Revivo pilates. First of all, Noemi is a phenomenal teacher. She is sweet, quiet, and helpful. No pushy trainer here. Noemi knows her craft and knows what she's doing- every single position and angle is perfected to make sure you get accurate results. Along with her expertise as a dancer for her entire life, a mix between pilates and yoga is intense yet fine-tuned to your skill level. If you're looking for some of the best pilates in the city, head to Revivio. You won't be disappointed." - Alexa C., Manhattan


"This review is for Noemi's Postnatal classes. I did all 3 stages and felt better after each class. Noemi carefully helps rebuild muscles after giving birth, step by step, focusing on the pelvic floor and the abdominal while also showing great exercises to help with back and shoulder aches (my back and shoulders hurt a lot in the first months after giving birth and carrying my baby around, so this was great). I highly recommend these classes!" - Beatrice B. Manhattan


"Noemi is the best and most thorougful Pilates and Feldenkrais-trainer I have ever met and her classes are great and you feel very refreshed after it." - Elisabeth R., Manhattan


"I feel very safe and secure in the room, Noemi brings a great energy and professionalism into the class. After only a few classes I have a completely different understanding for my body, and it s function. The teaching is precise and explained very well, which makes me able to carry the work inside the room with me in my daily life. Highly recommended!" - Sandra H., Long Island City


"Noemi is a great teacher. She has a background as athlete, this gives her a strong understanding in the human body. She knows how to motivate. She is always professional and optimistic. She loves to teach and to see the results on your body:-)" - Francesca D., Brooklyn


"Noemi is the real deal. I have taken many classes with her and I feel very aligned, taller and fit. She knows how to motivate you to reach your personal goals. 
The way I feel after her class is beyond fantastic." - Gianantonio C., Brooklyn


"Noemi is an excellent teacher. She knows a lot about the body and therefore gives very helpful corrections. I especially like the outdoor group classes she occasionally holds in Central Park on a secluded hill."

- Lawrence H., Manhattan


"Noemi is the best. I trust her 100%. Because of her background as a dancer and ice skater, she has a huge knowledge about the body.
She helped me very much with my back problem. I had a slipped disk and Noemi's private classes reduced the pain to a minimum and made me more aware of how to stand and move in a healthy way in everyday life. She also showed me pictures of the spine, so I understood even better.
Noemi put together a Pilates program  that fit my needs perfectly. She was always very well prepared.
The classes were not only extremely beneficial for my body, but also for my emotional balance. I always left the studio happy and energized. Noemi's work changed my life in a very positive way.
Try her class. It is worth every penny." - Tina G., Manhattan

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